How much Cashback can you get?

Are you a first-time home buyer looking to cover moving costs, legal fees, or other expenses? Or maybe you’re thinking of refinancing your mortgage and need additional equity? Perhaps you want to make some home renovations and need funds to jump-start the renovations? If so, a Cash Back Mortgage could be your solution.Cash back mortgage

We offer cash back ranging from 1% to 5% of the total mortgage loan amount (to a maximum of $25,000) on fixed rate closed mortgages. As a result, funds can go toward moving costs, repairs, renovations, or investments. The flexibility of a Cash Back Mortgage lets you decide how much cash back you need, therefore how to spend it. To be eligible for cash back, you are required to provide proof of down payment.

You must keep your mortgage with the lender for the term stipulated in the contract.

Does the bank require a repayment?

Your Cash Back Mortgage is an additional loan amount that is deposited to your bank account once your mortgage has been funded.

The cash back is yours if you keep the mortgage to the maturity date (3, or 5 years) otherwise you may have to pay back a pro-rated amount of the cash back. This pro-rated amount is due if the mortgage is canceled, transferred or it becomes delinquent before the maturity date. The amount is then added to your mortgage.

Requirements for a mortgage cash back:

  • Be salaried or hourly-paid (not self-employed)
  • Have a credit score/Beacon score of minimum 620
  • Applying as an owner-occupier

Our Sunlite Mortgage agents will walk you through the choices available and help you identify the most suitable mortgage product to your current situation while looking at your short-medium term goals. Contact a Sunlite Mortgage agent today at (877) 387-6267 or compare our mortgage rates with the major banks.

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