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The city is located in southern Ontario on the Bay of Quinte, between the cities of Quinte and Napanee. Both these cities are connected by Highway 2 and Highway 401, which serve as the city’s major highways. Because Belleville is situated at the starting point of St.Lawrence River, it is also considered to be part the Central Ontario region. Much of the businesses that operated in the past has helped Belleville prosper into the beautiful city it is today.

Belleville was originally incorporated as a village and was named after an early settler, Singleton’s Creek. In 1816, it was renamed as Belleville in honour of Lady Arabella Gore.In the late 1850s, Belleville had become an important railway junction as soon as the Grand Trunk Railway was completed. Around the same period, successful farming and booming trade of lumber contributed to the increase in commercial and industrial growth. Moreover, historic aspects of Belleville can still be seen in the city.

Historic building and monuments that were developed during the late 1800s still stand today. It can be seen in the community’s financial centre located in Downtown Belleville, where there are a wide range of specialty stores and services. Here residents and visitors can enjoy exploring local stores, galleries, spas, gourmet cafes, and restaurants. Most visitors like to visit the Famers Market at Market Square where many events take place throughout the year.

Belleville is the home to over 49,400 residents. The city offers the same amenities as those in a big city in a close-knit community atmosphere. There a host of housing options from Victorian homes to waterfront properties. At Belleville, homes can be found for half the price than what you would be paying in urban centres.

The city maintains many acres of parkland, including hiking and cycling trails. Some popular parks include Zwick Centennial Park, Tyendinaga Cavern and Caves, Frink Centre Conservation Area, and many more. It also offers its residents and visitors with easy access to local and provincial parks that can be used for canoeing, camping, and swimming. Alongside with recreational programs, Belleville also holds several events for residents to enjoy.

Bellville hosts a series of festivals and events that take place through the year. It also takes part in hosting several track and field events at TheQuinte Sport Wellness Centre. Belleville offers its residents state-of-the-art facilities for recreational programs to actively promote healthier and happier lifestyles.

Top reasons for buying a home in Belleville

  1. Affordable living
  2. Friendly communities
  3. Four season festivals
  4. State-of-the-art fitness facilities
  5. More business opportunities with less competition

Getting a mortgage in Belleville

People need a mortgage at different stages in their lives, maybe you are looking to move to Belleville and need to purchase a home, or you currently live in Belleville and you are looking to transfer your mortgage. Whether you are refinancing your current mortgage, or just want to consolidate debt to increase your credit score, a Sunlite Mortgage agent is available outside normal work hours, including evenings and weekends to accommodate your schedule.

Please call 1.877.385.6267 and we would be happy to assist whether you are a first-time home buyer or a seasoned homeowner. We have the experience to provide the service and commitment to make your mortgage experience a memorable and pleasant one.

You could also apply for a mortgage on our website or schedule a call back and one of our mortgage brokers will contact you.

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Sunlite Mortgage offers First Mortgages, Second Mortgages, Home Equity Lines of Credit, Private Mortgages and Commercial Mortgages for residential and commercial properties in Hamilton and the Niagara Region.

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